child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse can have devastating effectsChild sexual abuse is both widespread and frequently hushed up within families. Often, the abuser is well-known to the child. In fact, the child may depend on the abuser for financial and emotional support which hinders the process of identifying and prosecuting the abuser. The child may be a victim of abuse for many years while seeming to lead a normal life. As the child grows older, memories of the abuse may impact his or her relationships with others and lead to illnesses such as severe depression or post-traumatic

stress disorder, and possibly outbreaks of violent behavior.

If you were sexually abused as a child, or if your child has been sexually abused, you know the devastation that abuse can cause. Although it may not feel like it now, healing from the abuse is possible. At A Peaceful Balance Clinical Consultation & Counseling Services, our clinicians are specially trained to provide the best treatment possible to both children and adults who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. We start with a comprehensive assessment which looks at the abuse from multiple perspectives. The information gathered from this assessment then guides the treatment, or counseling. The counseling moves at the pace with which you are comfortable and is provided in a quiet, confidential and peaceful atmosphere to allow you and/or your child the time that you need to heal.

The scars of child sexual abuse can be healed. Please call A Peaceful Balance Clinical Consultation and Counseling Services specialists at (603) 577-5551 today to find out more.